Buckthorn and Phragmites piled with religious zeal

DNR Trail Master Don Dane made us an offer we couldn’t refuse: 150 volunteers to help us clean up the Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail.  We would only have them for a couple hours so Lindsay and I prepared the work sites.

On July 13th Lindsay finished cutting the burnt stalks of Willow and Aspen along the trail across from the Observation deck and then finished cutting almost all of the Phragmites.

On July 14th Lindsay and I marked the locations for the volunteers to pile the phragmites and buckthorn.  Here are some before and during pictures… we will add the “after” pictures soon.  Approximately 100 volunteers from a religious community in Northern Illinois (I’ll get the specifics) did some righteous piling for us with a generous spirit.  Thanks!

Here are a couple of pictures of the brush piles the group made.  They did a fine job and we will burn these up as soon as we get some snow cover.

2 thoughts on “Buckthorn and Phragmites piled with religious zeal

  1. They have put on righteousness as their breastplate, salvation as their helmet, garments of vengeance for clothing, and they have wrapped themselves in zeal as a cloak. The Philistines, er, Phragmites, never stood a chance.

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