Algae Bloom at the Hotel Springs

I was out working  at the Springs yesterday (poisoning phragmites and buckthorn resprouts and piling brush) and noticed that a brownish/green algae has bloomed in the Hotel Spring.  It is coating the rocks and sending up fingers of growth to the surface.  It does not have a firm structure and is slimy if you scoop up a handful.  If you know about algae, please help positively identify this algae so we can understand what to expect.

I’ve never seen algae in this spring before, but it may be a normal occurrence.  Here are a couple of resources that I looked at: Brown Algae, DiatomsWikipedia link, but I could not find and pictures that matched what we see above.

3 thoughts on “Algae Bloom at the Hotel Springs

  1. I tried searching online but couldn’t find anything similar. I was actually at the trail today for the final time this year, and saw how much the algae had taken over that area, when a month ago I dont remember seeing much.

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