Idle No More

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Before I get into today’s incredible adventure at the Springs, I want to shine a light on the Idle No More movement.  I participated in their consciousness awakening event in Milwaukee yesterday and it was very moving.  The singing and speakers were excellent.  The First People elders spoke a lot about the responsibility we all share to take care of the land in preparation for the 7th generation to come, and to be aware that we are the beneficiaries of the love and care of the 7th generation that preceded us.

Here is audio recorded before the march Idle No More January 18, 2013 Pre March Song and Speeches.

We marched down to Veterans Park, where a Pipe Ceremony was held and there was more singing and speeches.  Action on a new mining bill in Wisconsin is heating up!

The other big issue raised is the struggle for sovereignty.

I found Kevin Annett’s documentary Unrepentant: Canada’s Genocide, while researching the Idle No More movement.

And we think we have invasive species problems!  Image how the indigenous people felt about the White European Invaders!

In honor of the Native, Indigenous, First People, we sowed a mix of 20+ Wet Mesic Prairie plant seeds around the Indian Spring and areas to the North marked in white on the map below.


Here is part of the area seen from the Scenic Overlook on the old Indian Campground site.


And a bit closer up.

IMG_0520 IMG_0521 IMG_0523

Sowing seed is the creme dela creme of restoration work.  I will post a list of all the different plants in the mix and we’ll try to identify as they emerge.

The Scuppernong River water level is holding steady at .026.


Here is an interesting bit of machinery we found near the site of the Marl Plant.  This Spring we’ll do a little excavating around this to see what it is attached to.


After the seed was sown Lindsay and I headed over to the cutoff trail to continue cutting Buckthorn where I left off last time.  Here are some before shots; the first two are looking to the North on the cutoff trail at an old cranberry bog.

IMG_0526 IMG_0527

Below we are looking South, towards the river.IMG_0528 IMG_0529 IMG_0530

Around 2:00pm Rich Csavoy joined us and Don Dane, the DNR trail boss, stopped by to drop off more seeds (for more wooded uplands) and we all took a walk around the place reviewing the progress and future plans.  Don is hoping to mow the Indian Campground this coming week.  We cut a bit more after our visit with Don and here is the final result.  The first picture below is looking at the cranberry bog and the next two are looking South towards the river.


IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0533 IMG_0534

The view of the work site from the main trail on the South side of the river.


It was a glorious sunset; one of the best I’ve ever see at the Springs.

IMG_0543 IMG_0546 IMG_0547 IMG_0549 IMG_0551 IMG_0553 IMG_0554 IMG_0555

See you at the Springs!

3 thoughts on “Idle No More

  1. What a fantastic sunset! I saw something similar to it at my house aswell. Also a very interesting find by the marl plant. I can’t help but to wonder what other things may be hidden around it.

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