Famous Springs of the Kettle Moraine

I hate to interrupt The Buckthorn Man, but I just want to let you know that I am blogging on SteemIt now. My latest outburst: Is Freedom a Disease and The Unaccountable DEA.

Hi, it’s The Buckthorn Man.  I’ve been blogging at my new site since November 2015, but couldn’t resist posting the Special 75th Anniversary Issue of The Scuppernong Journal here, after coming across it in my files.  Thanks to Ron Kurowski, retired DNR Naturalist, for allowing me to reprint this issue.  To join the Kettle Moraine Natural History Association and subscribe to The Scuppernong Journal, contact Ron Kurowski at:

Kettle Moraine Natural History Association

S91 W39091 Hwy 59

Eagle, WI 53119

Now, I wonder what I did with the other 2 of the 3 anniversary issues in the set… Heh Ron…

TheScuppernongJournal75thAnniversarySpecialTheScuppernongJournal75thAnniversarySpecial_0001TheScuppernongJournal75thAnniversarySpecial_0002TheScuppernongJournal75thAnniversarySpecial_0003See you at The Springs!

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