The Springs!

Welcome to the home of the Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail.  In partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Kettle Moraine Natural History Association, we began in May 2011 the process of restoring the natural area around the trail.  This includes cutting, piling, poisoning and burning buckthorn, honeysuckle and various other invasive species to more fully respect the beauty of this land.  We are also pulling water cress from the Scuppernong River to restore it to a cold, fast flowing stream and also to unclog all of the feeder springs so their waters will flow directly into the river instead of getting soaked up in the banks.

The Springs are the headwaters for the Scuppernong River and, per Ron Kurowski, the 40 year DNR veteran naturalist who spearheaded the Scuppernong River Habitat Restoration Area project, “It’s a World Class Site!”.

5 thoughts on “The Springs!

    • I will be updating the site soon with maps and directions. For now, I’d recommend going to and search for “Ottawa Lake, Dousman, WI”. The entrance/parking area for the Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail is directly across Hwy ZZ from the entrance to the Ottawa Lake area.

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