Scuppernong River Bridge Cleared

We got a nice mention in the latest issue of the Scuppernong Journal.  It is published by the Kettle Moraine Natural History Association, S91 W39091 Hwy 59, Eagle, WI 53119  Ron Kurowski editor.  Address questions and comments to the editor at (262) 363-9892.  Please consider supporting the KMNHA and you will receive your very own copy of the Scuppernong Journal in the mail.

On August 7th I spent the day clearing brush and Willows by the 3rd bridge over the Scuppernong River (counting from the first Spring).  This is where the dam used to be that Ben Heussner mentioned that was removed in 1993.  There were a lot of fairly large Willows that were beginning to fill in the area along with some smaller buckthorn and other brush.

Here are short before and after videos.

3 thoughts on “Scuppernong River Bridge Cleared

  1. Hdey, that “after” videio looks suspiciously like the “before” video. I was imagining some super creepy music as I viewed the exotic evil alien life forms, smugly and contentedly absorbing energy from the sun and biding their time until they can destroy our way of life! Litttle do they know the shitstorm is about to descend upon them.

    • Thanks Mark. I did accidentally load the same video as the before and after, but I noticed it right away when I checked the post and I fixed it. You might have to refresh your browser, or, the link that was embedded in your email notification still reflected my mistake. I just checked it again now and the after video is the correct one.

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