Indian Springs Buckthorn Clearing Update

On Sunday August 5th Lindsay and I spent a beautiful day cutting Buckthorn at the Indian Springs.  We are trying to open up the vista out to the prairie from the Indian Springs looking West and from the Indian Campground on the trail above as well.

DNR Trail Master Don Dane has prepared a whole new set of sign posts to correspond with the Self-Guided Nature Trail brochure.  They should be going in sometime this month or in early September.

Here are a few before shots.  We continued cutting from where we left off last time…

The area of brush below is on the left side of the channel that flows out of the Indian Springs to join the Scuppernong River just upstream from the Marl Pit bridge.

Here are the after shots.  We did a bit of brush piling too.

We plan to girdle the Aspen that we found amongst the buckthorn, which you can see below.

Just for fun, one of my favorite views along the trail…

Check the volunteer page to see what we are planning to do next and come out an join us!

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