We welcome anyone who wants to help us take care of the Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail and Preserve.  We are committed to using non-toxic, organic, natural techniques to combat the invasive species (except, we do poison buckthorn stumps.)  Here are some activities you could participate in:

  • Cutting Buckthorn
  • Piling Brush (buckthorn, honey suckle, black locust etc…)
  • Burning Brush (You must have taken the Wildland Fire Training course mentioned in the Burning Brush Piles blog)
  • Using a Brush Cutter to cut weeds and invasive plants, like canadian fleabane, white and yellow clover and nodding thistle, to prevent them from going to seed.  This is based on plant phenology.
  • Pulling Garlic Mustard,  Spotted Knapweed and  Water Cress
  • Creating a plant inventory
  • Collecting and distributing native plant seeds
  • Documenting birds and wildlife
  • Picking up litter

Please  Contact me if you want to help out and I will let you know when I’m planning to work.  The schedule is weather dependent especially as we get into late Fall and Winter.

If you want to broaden your experience and opportunity to include the entire Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest, consider volunteering with the State Natural Areas program.  DNR Conservation Biologist, Jared Urban, is coordinating the events.  Visit this DNR website to see the schedule and to signup for email updates.

9 thoughts on “Volunteer

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  2. What times do your volunteer hours generally begin and end? I only ask because I wish to volunteer but my work schedule very often tends to overlap with your volunteer days. I would like to ask off for days on which i could volunteer, but like your volunteer schedule, my employer schedules us a week in advance. Please contact me back with any helpful information.

    • HI Garrett. I usually work all day from 8:00am to 5:00pm. The weather usually dictates what days I work, so it is tough to be sure what days will be good a week out. I’m planning on working this Thursday and Friday and maybe next Tuesday.

  3. Hello Paul!
    I was with the class from UW-Whitwater today, and I am interested in volunteering. This weekend, Oct 26th, won’t work for me. but keep me posted with the dates and hopefully I can make it out there soon!

    Good work

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