Good Morning Springs

How can I describe what a great time I had at The Springs yesterday? The temperature and humidity were as pleasant as a Pacific Island. The air was fresh and breezing and the sunlight clarified everything. My thoughts were occupied by the current time; the present moment. Time is a spiritual current-cy. How do we spend it? What do we pay attention to? ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ and ‘what goes around, comes around’ aren’t just cliches; they are examples of Natural Law, specifically, the Law of Attraction, which is immutably in-force everywhere at all times. So when I say I had a “great time” at The Springs yesterday, I mean it was joyful to invest my spiritual currency paying attention to nature and working to help create the beautiful world that I want to see.

The morning light was flush on the Hillside Springs.





This Green Frog was enjoying the spring too.


There are lush patches of fresh watercress just below the Scuppernong Spring and I harvested a bagful to include in my green juice recipe.



As I was rinsing the watercress at the point where the Scuppernong Spring spills out of its pool and starts to flow as a river, a brown trout emerged from beneath a rock rim and swam about in the pool. I don’t know for sure what is going on with the trout; are they visitors, or a local reproducing population?


Thousands of garlic mustard seedlings have emerged at the south end of the loop trail literally carpeting the ground. I carefully sprayed them with glyphosate trying to avoid the many good plants that are also emerging.


I conscientiously sprayed the spotted knapweed that dominates the sand prairie of the Indian Campground with clopyralid; carefully avoiding the many, many, diverse plants that are also coming up. This sand prairie is going to come alive with color in a couple weeks.

There were more aspen to girdle along the river valley. If we don’t do this, the clonal colonies will spread into and dominate the valley floor.


I piled brush in the afternoon by the old hotel site. You can see the foundation stones in many places now. I forgot to take some pictures, but if you’ve seen one brush pile… I was covered with soot when I finished and took a cool dip in the river by the marl pit bridge to wash off. Clouds moved in and I marveled at their beauty while doing some yoga asanas.




With the video below I attempted to capture one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.

See you at The Springs!

10 thoughts on “Good Morning Springs

  1. Interesting to hear of Brooke Trout in that spot! I’ve never seen any along there before. Also a nice image of the Green Frog. I love seeing them hang out along the waters edge.

  2. Nathan,

    What he’s describing at the beginning of his blog is what we should feel and do when we go out on the prairie. You know how I’ve said many times that we need to enjoy the beauty. We are working so hard that we never get to enjoy just walking thru there and take time to enjoy whats around us. It’s like the other day when you were scouting and missed the rainbow. It was beautiful! We live in such a beautiful area that we need to enjoy more!! We should walk to the beach and just sit there and watch the waves, we should walk thru the prairies and look and not kill. See what I’m saying stupido.

    Hugs, Carol

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  5. Regarding my claim to have seen a Brown Trout in the Scuppernong Spring. The DNR recently released the following fish into the Scuppernong River watershed:

    Waukesha Ottawa Lake RAINBOW TROUT 1071
    Waukesha Paradise Springs Headwater Pond RAINBOW TROUT 250
    Waukesha Paradise Springs Headwater Pond BROOK TROUT 200

    See for the whole story.

    This link from Trout Unlimited explains that Brook Trout are the only native trout in the eastern U.S.

    And this link explains that Brook Trout are the only native trout in Wisconsin

    So, I was probably mistaken when I said I saw a Brown Trout in this post, it was probably a Brook Trout. I need to do more research scientific before making claims in the posts.

    Your humbled editor.

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