The Hidden Spring

I’m celebrating! Its been 2 years since I returned to the The Springs and 2 years since I had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from my neck. So much has changed since then in both me and The Springs; I got healthy, retired and discovered philosophy, and The Springs got some tender loving care including a good cleaning.

One of the most exciting things we did last year was to uncover springs that were totally obscured by watercress, phragmites, cattails, buckthorn, and other brush.


We began the cleanup focused on removing the watercress that was damming the river, without consulting the map above, so it was one surprise after another as we “discovered” the two sets of Hillside Springs, The Hidden Spring and the Hatching House Springs. Yesterday, the morning light was just right and I paid respect to The Hidden Springs.

The views from the steps above the springs.




There are some nice bubblers here.



Marsh marigolds and skunk cabbage frame the springs.





In discovering philosophy, I found my own hidden spring; a spring for my soul. One of the very simple ideas I’m contemplating is from The Yogatattva Upanishad that I found extracted in C. W. Leadbeater’s book The Chakras:


What a beautiful way to visualize the body and breath in harmony with nature!

Chester W. Smith erected the first dam just below the Hotel Springs in 1846 to power a saw mill and the river valley was flooded until 1992. The fires have laid bare the landscape and it is clear where the trout farmers divided the flooded river valley to suit their purposes. We are hoping, if we can check the phragmites and cattails, that some of the original flora might resurface.



This embankment crosses the valley just north of The Hidden Spring.


I continued spraying spotted knapweed on the Indian Campground; this is working very effectively. I sprayed a lot of flowering garlic mustard in the area south of the trail that did not get burned.

This painted turtle was sunbathing on the trail just above the Indian Spring.




I finished girdling the aspen in the area around the old hotel site and piled the remaining brush there as well. Check out this video walking tour.

I spotted some Pussytoes and Wood Betony along the trail by spur to The Emerald Spring. A profusion of new growth is emerging!



See you at The Springs!

5 thoughts on “The Hidden Spring

  1. Paul

    The photos are breathtaking to say the least and what a wonderful reward for all of the hard work you (and others) but seems like mostly you have accomplished. To see the luxuriant growth taking place is so beautiful, makes one think how can there not be a creator? Thanks again for your insight in these posts, glad to hear you are healthy again, and the inspiration you are sharing with the world!

    It seems you have really found your niche. I have been “practicing” Buddhist philosophy for many years and have found a level of peace and true joy in the teachings and each and every moment. There is profound beauty wherever you are.

    May you be well, may you be happy.


  2. I love the photos of the Painted Turtle! Its gotta be rewarding when you see animals like that and know you’re helping to maintain this land so they can continue to live here for many years to come.

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