The Hatching House Springs

I knew it was going to be a great day when I saw Lindsay’s smiling face!

We picked up where we left off on Thursday at the newly christened “Hatching House Springs” (see #9 on the Map).  Our goal was to open up the Springs and cut and pile the huge Willow that had fallen into the wetland.  Many of the Willow branches were taking root.  We also wanted to finish brush-cutting the cattail, which was concealing yet another series of springs closer to the bridge.    Here are some before shots.

You can see the two strategically placed boardwalks we uncovered last time below.

And the Water Cress…

Pati came out later to help pull cress and pile brush.  Here are the fruits of our labors.

The Hatching House Springs revealed!

There are at least a dozen springs in the area.  Here is a nice bubbler.

Time to pack up the gear.

The view from the observation deck at the Emerald Spring.

Sunset at the Indian Campground.

Hope to see YOU soon out at the Springs.

13 thoughts on “The Hatching House Springs

  1. The original post was inconsistent in that it referred internally to the “Trout Hatchery Springs” while the title of the post referred to “The Hatching House Springs”. I updated the internal references to be consistent with the title. I don’t know if these springs had an official name, but I think “The Hatching House Springs”, although not the most creative name, is a suitable name consistent with the naming convention used with the “The Hotel Spring”.

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