Pile on many more layers

Welcome back to The Springs! Yesterday, Saturday, April 13, I was joined by a group of volunteers organized by DNR Visitor Services Associate Amanda Prange. We started the day with a walk around the springs looking for places to install Warbler houses that the volunteers, including Rich Csavoy, made. It was a great feeling to share the appreciation I have for the Scuppernong Springs with other like minded souls. DNR Ranger Elias Wilson and Amanda settled on this spot under a weeping willow by the Hotel Springs.




Roberta “Berta” and Amanda.


We continued our walk around the springs but did not find another suitable location. Warblers need lots of space! Then we headed over to the cut-off trail and were joined by Amanda’s boyfriend Justin, and his mother Beth, and we began piling brush.

I was amazed that we made 13 piles in a little over an hour!

Here is the crew from left to right Beth, Amanda, Justin, Berta and Elias.


In the afternoon I relocated to the area just north of the old barn site to continue cutting buckthorn around the perimeter of another spring that is at the base of the slope below Hwy 67. This one needs a good cleaning out, which we plan to do once the weather warms up. Here are a few shots of the area before I began cutting.




Three tanks of gas later.

Here is the view of the old barn site as seen from the bridge over the Scuppernong River at #5 on the trail map, where the stream gaging station is.



The sun made a few brief appearances that were much appreciated, one of which occurred as I was passing the Hatching House Springs.



I can’t wait for warm, sunny, green days to arrive.

See you at The Springs!

3 thoughts on “Pile on many more layers

  1. Very cool! I hope the bird houses get a lot of use! By the way, are there any vernal pools around the trail? I keep thinking there is, and i might head out there soon to look for salamanders or tadpoles to photograph.

    • Hi JB. Yes there are at least 2 vernal ponds. One is down the trail past the #5 signpost at the Scuppernong River. Stay to the right at the fork in the trail and look for it on your right. The other is on the South end of the loop trail to the east of the Indian Campground. Both of these pools are relatively full now.

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