Let it Rain

“Let it rain, let your love rain down on me.”  It’s been a long time since we had a good soaking rain!  “Only love, can make it rain”; the love of The Creator that is.  As of February 2013, we’re still in a moderate drought in Southeast Wisconsin and the recent rains are much appreciated.  I caught a break from the showers today and cut 8 cubits of buckthorn just north of the old barn site.

  • The Kettle Moraine Natural History Association is holding its annual meeting at 10am, Saturday, May 4, 2013 at the Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit Headquarters, located 3 miles west of Eagle on Hwy 59.
  • DNR Fisheries Biologist, Ben Heussner, will present a program on “Fishes of the Mukwonago River.”  Learn about the tremendous diversity of fish that can be found there and what is being done to preserve this fishery,

The DNR is stocking Wisconsin waters with trout.  Here is the statewide report.  Zeroing in on the Scuppernong River watershed we see:

Waukesha Ottawa Lake RAINBOW TROUT 1071
Waukesha Paradise Springs Headwater Pond RAINBOW TROUT 250
Waukesha Paradise Springs Headwater Pond BROOK TROUT 200

Hopefully some of these trout will venture over to the Scuppernong Springs.  I have not seen any trout in the river since last fall. John Hrobar suspects that all the disturbances to the river in the past year have chased the trout away.  Say it ain’t so John!

I dallied this morning waiting for the rain to stop and tested out one of my new aspen tree girdling tools. The bark came off better than last time, but I think it will get even easier in the next few weeks. This one took 10-15 minutes.


I visited the stream gaging station and uploaded .33 to Crowd Hydrology site. You can see the correlations with the USGS data.




The rain let up and I wheeled my gear along Hwy 67 to the work-site, just north of the old barn ruins.

It was a fine day to cut buckthorn!

The rain returned as I was loading up my gear, but I still enjoyed a walk around the nature trail.




There is an interesting pond of primordial ooze by the Hatching House Springs.



The garlic mustard, catnip and spotted knapweed are starting to show some green. Skunk cabbage and marsh marigolds are coming up too but it’s still mostly dormant. Hopefully the DNR will get a chance to burn the Scuppernong Springs Nature Preserve this spring; it is definitely on the agenda.

See you at The Springs!

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