Every Pile You Make

The allure of the Hatching House Springs was irresistible, compelling us to pause our brush piling efforts for a couple days.  Today I picked up where we left off last time and finished piling at the Indian Springs.

There is a second, smaller, spring and channel next to the Indian Spring and I finally got around to cleaning the brush out of it.

The main Indian Spring outflow channel is on the right below and the spring shown above joins on the left side.

Looking back up towards the spring source.

Next, I went to the hilltop I cut back in October and, along with Pati, made a few more piles.  This is where we will resume this Saturday.

The last thing we did was clean the leaves out of the Scuppernong Spring and the Hillside Springs.  One of the four Hillside Springs has dried up!  I’ll get some pictures with morning light.

It’s another phragmites sunset.

I’ll be watch’in for you out at the Springs.

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