Morning Has Broken

Don’t tell anyone, I still have my Cat Stevens records.

The Springs were beautiful this morning.

There is a very nice sand dune hilltop just West of the Hillside Spring covered with some large Oak, Hickory and Cherry trees.  The last time we worked Lindsay pointed out how cool this hilltop would look, especially a prominently featured huge Red Oak, if we cleared the brush and I took up his suggestion today.  The area in question is marked in white on the map below.

After enjoying the beautiful sunrise, I whacked some Buckthorn and Black Locust to highlight this prominent sand dune hilltop.  We are going to cut as much as we can until November and then focus on piling everything to prepare for burning this Winter (if we get some snow!).  Here are some before shots taken from the top of the hill.

And looking up at the hilltop from the trail.

And after…  the next two shots are looking up at the hilltop from the trail.

And views from the hilltop.

Thanks again to the Kettle Moraine History Association for covering all of our equipment expenses!

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