River Views

Dave Hoffman completed the grant request to get a slice of the North American Wetlands Conservation Act pie for the Scuppernong River Habitat Area restoration effort.  We’ll find out in March 2013.  The volunteer hours we are putting in at the Springs would be used to help provide the matching funds required for the grant.  Thanks Dave!

Lindsay and I ignored the threat of rain today and had some fun by the River.  The first thing I worked on was taking down these two huge Willows by the Hotel Spring.

I had to get a 25″ bar for my chainsaw to attack these monsters.

Meanwhile, Lindsay mowed the Phragmites by the Emerald Spring that had regrown since we cut it back in July.  We are hoping this will make the plants more vulnerable to die off this Winter.

After I finished the two Willows, I went down by the Scuppernong Spring to finish cutting some buckthorn that I was not able to get to on the 21rst.

Lindsay proceeded to clear some Willow shrubs between the Emerald and Hotel Springs.

And I cut a huge patch of Phragmites on the West side of the River (you can see it in the center of the picture below).

The rain held off all day and we had a great time!

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