Buckthorn Cut At The Scuppernong Spring

The Scuppernong Spring is where the Scuppernong River starts.  It is set in a bowl near the base of a long moraine.  There are huge Red and White Oak and Hickory and Cherry trees along the slopes.  Approximately 9 years ago I cut the Buckthorn along this slope from Hotel Spring, South, almost all the way to the Scuppernong Spring and yesterday I resumed this effort on the slopes around the Scuppernong Spring.    Pati came out later to help pile brush and bring my camera/phone, which I had forgotten. So, no before pictures this time.   There are still a few trees to cut and lots of piling to do.  Below is a map with the work area marked in white and some pictures taken after the cutting was done.  In case you were not aware, you can click on any of the images below to see the picture in full size.

2 thoughts on “Buckthorn Cut At The Scuppernong Spring

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