Brush Piling by the Scuppernong Spring

Lindsay and I piled the brush that I cut back on October 21rst by the Scuppernong Spring today.  I added the Google Earth Map below to the Maps and Brochures page on this site.  The imagery is old, predating all of the cutting I did right along Hwy 67 some 9 years ago, but it is still useful.  Can you find the Scuppernong Spring?

Here are some before images.

We had lots of visitors today and got a chance to explain what we are doing and refer people to this site.  Just as our strength was giving out, Anne Sylvan arrived to help us finish the last piles.  Thanks Anne!

We made around 20 piles.  We’ll have to wait for an East wind and good snow cover to burn them.

4 thoughts on “Brush Piling by the Scuppernong Spring

    • Highway 67 is very loud! And they recently put rumble strips in the middle of the road, which sound like a semi truck doing serious engine braking whenever any vehicle passes over them. I try not to let the noise bother me. The only thing we could do to minimize the noise would be to let all of the Buckthorn seedlings/saplings growing on the hillside mature into a thicket. Then you wouldn’t see the vehicles either. Whose bright idea was it to cut the Buckthorn?

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