Parry Road Spring

It was a quiet and peaceful winter’s day at the Scuppernong Springs except for the bluebirds, robins and geese noisily reminding me that spring is around the corner. I stopped at the Parry Rd. Spring on the way out to fill our collection of 5-gallon jugs. We have been drinking this fluoride and chlorine free spring water at home for over 12 years and it sure beats Milwaukee tap water! I had the water tested in September 2011 just to be sure and it passed with flying colors.

Its been snowing a lot lately and it was nice to see the sun again. I took this video at the marl pit bridge before heading to the work-site on the cut-off trail.

We are making great progress clearing the buckthorn between the cut-off trail and the river. I’m focusing on the west end of the trail now so we can be out of this area before the sand hill cranes start nesting by the marl pits.

I didn’t see a soul while I was working and I really enjoyed the peace and solitude. Here is what it looked like after I finished cutting.

After loading my gear in the truck, I took a very relaxed stroll on the Nature Trail. Here are a couple shots from the bridge over the Scuppernong River at #5 on the map.




One of my favorite views is from the old hotel site.


The robins and bluebirds find lots to eat in the spongy moss at the springs we recently cleared at the site of the old hatching house.


This is the Hidden Spring’s channel.


I never miss a chance to watch the sun go down.





See you at the Springs!

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