The Tree of Life

Is it any wonder that The Tree of Life has been the centerpiece of cosmologies and mythic traditions from time immemorial?

In the Kabbalah.


The Norse Yggdrasil.


An artist’s creation.


Below is a Tree of Life I recently had the pleasure of exposing at The Springs!


As we tear down the thicket that is the Buckthorn Alley, many beautiful trees are becoming visible; that’s what it’s all about for me. I put on an extra undershirt and braved the cold this past Saturday to work at The Springs.



After fetching some water at the Hotel Spring, I lit one of the brush piles that Andy Buchta made and got after it.


Pati met me mid-afternoon, after stocking up our water supply at the Parry Road Spring, and that was a good excuse to quit early.


We hung out by the fire for a while and then took a little walk. The video below shows how much further we have to go down the Buckthorn Alley to get to the open areas on the east side near signpost #13 and the junction with the cut-off trail.

Here is a short panorama video taken from the cut-off trail.

Views near the bridge by the Hotel Spring.



This spring gets late afternoon sun and is a favorite spot for birds.


View from the gaging station bridge.


And sunset at the Indian Campground.





See you at The Springs!

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