Respect the Land

Today Rich and I continued cutting and piling on the hilltop where we left off last time.  During a break we discussed our mutual respect and admiration for the Native Americans, who nurtured the land and understood it’s mysteries.  When considering their impact on the earth, they planned ahead 7 generations.

Pati Holman and Jim Brown joined us in the afternoon and we got a lot done.  Thanks!

Here are a few before shots.





And after…





Later, our friend Andrea Goetzinger paid her first visit to the Springs.  She’ll be back for sure!

One of the reasons we are cutting the phragmites and cattails along the river is to take a close look at the land and identify where springs are flowing.  We recently found a new one by the bridge over the river near the Hotel Springs (see Map).  I took a few minutes at the end of the day today to open this one up.  I’ll get some better pictures next time.  There are a couple of really nice springs here.



It’s flowing freely now and there is a little waterfall that makes a pleasing gurgle.



There are more springs in this area yet to be revealed…

I hope to see you out at the Scuppernong Springs!




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