All for one, one for all!

… the Three BrushCuteers cried as they fired up their chainsaws.  Rich, Lindsay and I took the battle to the enemy today and many a stout and formidable foe was slain, dismembered and piled.  The battle ground was the hilltop/sand dune just above the Hillside and Hidden Springs (see Map), where we have been working recently.

Rich Csavoy attacked a patch of Black Locust.

And it’s clear who got the better of this fight!

Porthos, aka Lindsay Knudsvig, beat back a frontal assault of Buckthorn and Black Locust while defending the High Ground.

When it was over, you could not cross the battlefield without stepping on a corpse of the invasive enemy.

Meanwhile, Paul ambushed a small army of Buckthorn attempting to sneak up on Lindsay’s blind side.

They never new what hit them.

Anne Korman, Assistant Superintendent of the Southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, stopped by to enjoy the Springs and offer support and encouragement.  Thanks!

This Saturday, December 1rst, The Three BrushCuteers plan to return to the field of battle in the same location.  Hope to see you at the Springs!

8 thoughts on “All for one, one for all!

  1. It was a beautiful day to stop out and admire your hard work at the springs! I am always impressed with the results of your efforts, and absolutely LOVE the way the area is coming back to life. I spoke with Forest Superintendent Paul Sandgren yesterday afternoon, and we have plans to do prescribed burning there next spring – I know you will be happy with that news! Now we just need Mother Nature to cooperate with us. 🙂

    • I thought that was you I saw on the river bank from the hilltop. What a wonderful vista. Thanks for coming out and witnessing our progress and thanks for your contributions to the ground water project. Our spot on the map is sure growing.



  2. Paul, Can you change the clock? It’s six hours off. And could you put a nice edge on my sword
    while you’re at it?



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