Return of the Three BrushCuteers

It’s been almost a year since the Three Brushcuteers joined forces to fight the thorny invaders of the Kettle Moraine State Forest. “All for one, one for all!”, they cried as they stacked the fallen enemy in neat piles along the trail just north of the old barn site (see recent post). Porthos, aka Lindsay Knudsvig, looked sharp in his tailored waistcoat and matching brush pants. Aramis, aka Rich Csavoy, although deeply religious, said the buckthorn didn’t have a prayer. Together we resolved to avenge the insult made by the buckthorn against the mighty and glorious oaks of the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Here is what the battlefield looked like before we engaged the enemy.




As we worked, Aramis reminded us that it was 50 years ago that our king was slain in Dealey Plaza and, apparently, there is a new web of lies in the form of a digitally remastered video that purports to explain the path of the “magic” bullet. Athos, aka Paul, being immune to romantic feelings about the matter, dubiously viewed this conclusion based on the cold hard facts, e.g. the conclusions of the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations and years of research into the matter. Unfortunately, the powers that be refuse to release thousands of pages of documentation. Why?

A last look as we left the battlefield.




Then we headed over to signpost #2 to reposition the railroad ties that had been dislodged and dragged into the brush.


Aramis, grabbed a couple loads of oak firewood before heading for home and Porthos and I took a stroll around the trail reminiscing about the many battles we fought at this “world class” site. There is tons of firewood, including well seasoned oak, piled at the worksite and all are welcome to come and take it. You might want to bring a chainsaw, and tools to split wood, to the location to facilitate harvesting.



I think this might be a Gar swimming in the pool at the Emerald Spring.


The day flew by and before I knew it I was bidding my dear companion Porthos farewell until next time.







See you at The Springs!

3 thoughts on “Return of the Three BrushCuteers

  1. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile. Pile.

  2. I watched the NOVA JFK special Aramis mentioned

    The presentation is notable for what it leaves out. They found time to repeatedly show a computer animation of a bullet path straight through Kennedy into Connally. Please see the diagram of the location of the wounds in Kennedy and Connally on the first page of this site (it is the diagram Jim Garrison used). The representation of the bullet’s path made in the NOVA show was a lie, not simply a omission due to lack of time. The NOVA experts repeatedly showed us how bullets tumble when passing through certain materials. They had time to explain this but didn’t have time to explain that Connally’s rib and wrist bone were shattered. No, they could not provide this information because it cannot be reconciled with the nearly pristine condition in which the “magic bullet” was found. Review the NOVA video at around 49:00 and listen to Larry Sturdivan’s explanation of how a pressure wave caused by the bullet entering the back of Kennedy’s skull in turn caused a nervous reaction that caused him to arch back instead of forward, as one would expect from a bullet impact to the back of the head. This is an utterly preposterous and unconvincing bit of sophistry. The idea that a person’s head would jerk back in the direction from which a bullet came instead of jerk forward in response to the momentum of the bullet is indefensible, despite Larry’s pathetic attempt.

    Here are few resources that provide important information that is not presented in the NOVA show.

    Please check out these documentaries as well.

    See also the documentary “Evidence of Revision”

    The NOVA piece is shameless, indefensible, propaganda.

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