Break On Through To The Other Side

Morning view of the Springs.



I can’t believe we got the Lost Trail opened up before the big snow came!  Lindsay really got after it last Sunday and showed me what was possible.  With that inspiration, I finished opening up the cut-off trail today.  Here are a few before pics.

IMG_0226 IMG_0227

And After…

IMG_1034 IMG_1036

This temporary bridge will be replaced with something nicer next year.  You can see a bit of the Marl factory.


Speaking of “Marl”, a man who really inspires me is Marlin Johnson, retired Biology Teacher at the University of Wisconsin, Waukesha and current Manager of the UW-Waukesha Field Station.  He recently shared two books with me: The Tibby Line – Dousman Marlboro & Southern and The Ponds of the Scuppernong, both by Robert Duerwachter (Win Press Publishing  The former documents the history of the rail line used to haul Marl from the Scuppernong Springs’ “pits” to Dousman and the Marl industry in general.  I’ll post some highlights soon.

Here is another shakey video tour of the Lost Trail.  You’ll have to supply your own spooky music.

It looks like this Saturday, December 22, will be a perfect day to start burning brush piles!  “Come on baby light my fire”.

See you at the Springs!

8 thoughts on “Break On Through To The Other Side

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