Carl Takes His Cuts

I knew I was going to like Carl.  He found this website while researching something on the internet and, being one who has his thoughts, emotions and actions in harmony, in a unity of consciousness, he contacted me immediately asking to help.  Carl is a hard working, down to earth, righteous dude and we thoroughly enjoyed his company.

I love these views of the Scuppernong River Habitat Area, which contains the largest prairie east of the Mississippi.


Every season is beautiful at the Scuppernong Springs.  I’ve been looking forward to the snow because it covers the scars we have left with all of our cutting and burning.  They will be healed by the spring, but until then, its nice that they are covered with a blanket of snow.

Here is the view of the worksite on the cut-off trail from the bridge over the Scuppernong River where the water flow gauge was recently installed.

I took the next three videos on my way to get some drinking water for the day at the Hotel Springs.  The river takes on a special character when framed with snow.

Here is the worksite. There are some really nice, big oaks along the cut-off trail.  I was joined by Rich Csavoy and Carl Baumann. I struggled a bit to get a fire going but it was well worth it.

Like moths, we couldn’t resist the flames and quit a bit early to talk story and warm ourselves by the fire.

Before I knew it, the afternoon was turning into evening, and I hurried back to the bridge to get an after video of the worksite from that perspective.

John and Sue Hrobar joined us by the fire and their faces lit up with excitement as they described the dozen robins and bluebirds they saw near the Hotel Spring. It was another wonderful day at the springs spent with old and new friends; sweet as can be.

See you at the Springs!

12 thoughts on “Carl Takes His Cuts

  1. Subscribers who received this post via email will have noticed a few non-sequiturs and a missing video link in the initial version published. I hope you visit this site to see the corrected version.

  2. Is that the largest prairie or largest wet prairie east of the Mississippi, Paul? Just want to get the facts straight. Perhaps there are too many ecosystem distinctions for a Unity of Consciousness, anyway.
    Thanks for Unifying another Invader Crusader. I can’t wait to meet Carl.

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