Hartland Marsh Carpe Diem

It’s a new day at the Hartland Marsh and we aim to seize it! The Village of Hartland is taking a fresh look at the natural spaces within its borders and exciting new developments are in the offing. One of the first steps initiated is the removal of all the brush piles, and we are making great progress on that front.

On February 12th and 13th crews from the Village of Hartland Dept. of Public Works and the Ice Age Trail Alliance burned another 123 brush piles at the Marsh. This is a great relief for me since I’m the one responsible for making the piles! On the 12th we focused on the island north of the Bark River on the Waukesha County Land Conservancy’s property. Dave, Jake, Josh and Tom, from the Village DPW and Mike Fort, John Mesching and Glenn Ritz, from the IATA joined me. We had many distinguished visitors!

Here are a couple of videos showing the area in question.

Marlin Johnson has played in instrumental role in the evolution of the Hartland Marsh (The Bark River Chronicles, by Milton Bates, includes a good summary) into its current state and he joined us in the early afternoon. Augie Wilde, the Village Fire Chief and Dave Lamerand, the Village President also came out to show their support.

Marlin and Augie.

Glenn and Mike taking a break.

Josh and Jake had way too much fun.

Here are a couple of videos after the burn.

After we were all done I took Dave, Jake and Josh to see The Biggest Oak Tree for miles around. You have to get right up next to this beauty to really appreciate it.

Yesterday, the 13th, we were back at it; this time continuing were we left off last time on the Village land down the trail from the Cottonwood Gazebo.

It was the same cast of characters including Jack and Bob from the IATA. Dave Cox, the Village of Hartland Administrator visited and we discussed the situation at length. It is clear that the winds of change are blowing through the Village of Hartland bringing good things to the Marsh.

Lastly, we have many stacks of excellent Buckthorn firewood on the Village property shown above. Please do come and take this wood and make use of it. You can contact Mike Einweck, the Director of Public Works to get permission. You can drive your vehicle down the trail from the Cottonwood Gazebo and load the wood directly.

Tell your friends about the Hartland Marsh and let the leadership team at the Village know that you support their efforts to take care of the land!

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