Seattle Chainsaws Rip Denver Buckthorns

In a merciless triumph the Chainsaws cut down the hapless Buckthorns, putting an exclamation point on their finest season ever.  Seattle’s offense ripped through Denver’s front line and repeatedly burned their secondary.  Interviewed after the game, Seattle coach Pete Carroll said: “We knew the Buckthorns would be ugly and gnarly so we sharpened our ground attack to strike at their roots.  At the end of the day, they just could not withstand the horsepower and high rpms of our superbly tuned offensive machine.”   Dan Quinn, Seattle’s defensive coordinator said:  “We studied a lot of film and knew that if we just kept our chaps, eye protection and helmets on, we’d have no problem keeping the Buckthorns out of our end zone.”

Jack Del Rio, Denver’s defensive coordinator lamented:  “Every time we popped their chains off, they simply put them back on!  We pinched their bars so tight that their engines smoked and squealed, but they always seemed to get out of it.”  Head coach John Fox said: “I thought they would run out of gas in the second half, but it didn’t happen.”

I had a feeling the Chainsaws would dominate the Buckthorns when I arrived at The Springs on that cold winter morning.



Although the Buckthorns defense looked formidable on paper, the Chainsaws had a plan.




For the first time in super bowl history, a coyote ran across the field, stopping to make this deposit before escaping via a tunnel under the stadium.


The once proud Buckthorns suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Chainsaws and most of them swore they would never play again; their love of the game was posioned.





After the cheers died down and the crowds had all gone home, I wandered the stadium alone recalling highlights of past super bowls and contemplating the endlessly flowing Scuppernong River.





Sunset at the Indian Spring.

The views from the grandstands on the Indian Campground.





Early evening on the river.




Save the date! Pati and I are having an open house on February 16th from 2:00pm – 8:00pm at our home in Milwaukee. We want to thank all the Super Friends♥ of the Scuppernong Springs. If you want to come, and haven’t received an invite already, it means I don’t have your email so please contact me. We’ll have a nice fire going in the back yard!


See you at The Springs!

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