Brush clearing along the river

I’m revisiting a couple of areas that I worked on last year.  On the first pass through these areas along the river, I focused on Buckthorn and left a lot of brush including Willows and Dogwoods and a lot of scruffy, half-burned, Cherry trees and spindly Aspens that have fallen over without the Buckthorn there to prop them up.  The areas in question are highlighted below.

Trail boss Don Dane and retired DNR naturalist Ron Kurowski both recommended cutting these woody plants to clear the way for the natural Fen and Wet Meadow plant communities.  This will also improve the views from the bridges at the Marl Pits #4 and on the Scuppernong River at #5 above on the map as well as reveal clear views of the Marl Pit bridge and Scuppernong River from the Scenic Overlook on the Indian Campground.

Here is view from the Scenic Overlook looking in the direction of the Marl Pit bridge.  The brush in question is just to the right of the two big Red Oak trees in the center of the picture.

Here is view from the bridge over the Scuppernong River at signpost #5.  The brush is on the left in the shadows.

And here is the view from the Marl Pit bridge.  The brush appears above the cattails and below the large trees.

That was harder than I thought it would be.  After 10+ hours cutting in a Willow thicket, I was  about ready to throw my chain saw at it.  It was hot today (9/3), and I was pouring sweat from the minute I fired up the chain saw.  Here are the after pictures, first from the scenic overlook.  It’s hard to see in this picture but you can now see the river flowing underneath the Marl Pit bridge.

And the view from the bridge over the Scuppernong River at #5.

And the view from the Marl Pit bridge.  Notice you can see through to the scenic overlook.

I’m taking a break for a month and will be back at it around 10/6.  Hope to see you out at the Springs sometime.

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