Old Friends, New Friends

I had the pleasure of the company of Rich Csavoy and Randy Shilling today.  Rich found out about the project via Amanda Prange, DNR Visitor Services Associate, Seed Gather and Volunteer Coordinator extraordinaire.  He practically lives next door and noticed the changes happening at the Springs.  Rich is skilled with the chain saw and brush pile making and burning and he is a hard-working man.  Welcome Rich!

Randy and I used to work together at Northwestern Mutual.  He turns wood on his lathe and when he heard that there was some Red Oak, Cherry and Hickory available, he came out and got a truckload today.  I can’t wait to see some of his handiwork.  Here are a few shots of Randy and a short interview.

Randy Schilling Interview 20121108

Meanwhile, Rich and I worked on preparing brush piles by the Indian Springs.  On November 10th, some of my old friends from Northwestern Mutual (I retired last February) are coming out to help Lindsay and I pile so Rich and I organized the chaos by starting piles.  This will make the work go much easier on Saturday.

As we finished up this area, Randy joined us and we proceeded downstream a bit along the Indian Spring outflow channel and we made 10-12 piles amongst the Gray Willow, Buckthorn and other brush I recently cut there.  We had a lot of fun!

I gathered some Water Cress for my juicer.

Sundown by the Marl Pit bridge.

4 thoughts on “Old Friends, New Friends

  1. Awesome sunset! I would like to camp out there soon. Nothing like a “wild” area a bit off the beaten track. Makes one feel like an old hippie or Boy Scout.

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