Buckthorn Clearing Continues at Indian Springs

It’s been a while since we cut Buckthorn at the Indian Springs.  Lindsay took a bite out of it on Saturday 8/25 and I did some cutting yesterday 8/27.  Here are some before shots.

At the work site as the fog was lifting.

And the view from the scenic overlook.

6 tanks of gas and bar oil later the view from the work site.

And the scenic overlook.

And from the Indian Spring.

We are focusing on cutting now to allow the Buckthorn to dry out as much as possible.  We’ll pile it later to finish preparing it for burning this Winter, when we get some snow cover.

On his last visit, Ron Kurowski showed me where a spring was hidden by the old hotel site.  I have marked it with a white line on this map.

I forgot to take some before pictures, but all you could see was a bit of water cress.   Below are pictures of the “new” Spring after I cleaned it up.  When I found the 4″ pipe that was originally installed to collect and channel the outflow of the Spring and unplugged it, the water began flowing at a much higher volume.  Thanks Ron for pointing out the location of this Spring!

The view from the trail.  The outflow pipe is hidden under the big flat stone.

And the view from the river.

It was another beautiful day at the Springs.  Here are a few closing shots.

The scenic overlook and Indian Campground after the recent clearings as seen from the Marl pits.


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