Ground Water Monitoring Project at the Springs

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny, and, dare I say, exciting, day at the Springs yesterday (November 15th).  I began cutting brush and cattail at location #9 on the map, the site of the old Trout Hatching House, which is between the Emerald Spring and the Hotel Spring.  The last time we worked in this area Lindsay and I noticed there were a couple of old boardwalk sections buried in the brush and, along with all of the Water Cress in the area, these were sure signs that there might be some hidden springs there.

Here are a couple of before shots.

And after.

I pulled a handful of cress aside and you can see running water by the first boardwalk.

There is a bubbling spring by the second boardwalk.

This Saturday, November 17th,  we plan to pull the cress out of these springs and open them up and pile the brush.  I can hardly wait!

Around mid-day my good friends Ed and Jim Brown, stopped by.  Ed has been involved in developing organic food sources and distribution networks for over 30 years ( and currently makes his home in Spokane.  Ed introduced me to the Paradise Springs way back in the late 70’s.  He is an Enlightened Being.  Ed is going to connect us with some people who may be able to use the abundant firewood that is available and also to harvest some Water Cress.  Thanks to Jim for bringing Ed out to the Springs!

Ed noticed these roots from a Cottonwood tree by the marl pits enveloping the concrete foundation.

Just as Ed and Jim were leaving, along came a crew loaded with cameras and backpacks.  Mike Parsen, a Hydrogeologist from the Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey, John R. Karl, a Videographer and Science Writer with the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, Craig Helker, Water Resources Management Specialist with the DNR and Anne Korman, Assistant Superintendent of the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest were making their first visit to the site as a team.  They are going to make a documentary describing their effort to update the state-wide ground water monitoring network.  Listen in as they explain.  From left to right below John R. Karl, Mike Parsen, Anne Korman and Craig Helker.

When we interviewed Tracy Hames, from the Wisconsin Wetlands Association, he stressed the importance of monitoring the river so we are very excited that Mike will be installing a water flow meter and temperature gauge.  Craig has been shocking the river to do fish surveys for 8-9 years and we are very interested in any changes he may measure as well.

To top off a most excellent day, Pati came out to help pile brush and participate in the interview.  It was a day full of fun and surprises!

10 thoughts on “Ground Water Monitoring Project at the Springs

  1. Wow! That was the day of all days. What a convergence of thought, feeling & action. I was especially pleased to hear Craig’s assessment of the quality of the water from just 3 years ago!

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